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The meeting of new employees from fresh graduates in 2019

In order to welcome the new employees, deepen their understanding on the company and accelerate the integration of new and old employees, GrenTech held the meeting of new employees from fresh graduates in 2019 at the Multi-functional Hall of GrenTech Building on the morning of July 8. Yu Rong (vice chairman of GT), Cai Jianghong (vice president), Liu Zheng (vice president) and the tutors of the new employees attended the meeting.
At the meeting, President Yu delivered a welcome speech to the new employees. Yu said, “I’m very glad that you chose GrenTech RF as the first stop of your career. The development of GrenTech RF is just in need of a group of young friends like you. Only with the joining of new employees can the cause of GrenTech RF be sustained and prosperous!”      
In front of the young and fresh faces, Mr. Yu opened his mind and recalled her experience of going to Shenzhen for seeking a job more than 20 years ago. She reviewed her participating in and witnessing the development and growth of the company as an entrepreneurial employee, interrelating the company’s strategic development and business layout and proposing three expectations for new employees: the first was role change. New employees should complete the role transformation from college students to enterprise employees as soon as possible. The second was solidarity and cooperation. Only when the team coordinates can we gain a complete victory. The third was being down-to-earth and working hard. It was hoped that new employees could take working hard as an inexhaustible impetus to realize career development and focus on being a fighter and a doer rather than a talker.
At the meeting, Cai Jianghong, vice president of the company, shared his own growth. GrenTech RF was the starting point of Mr. Cai’s career. He has been working in the company for 14 years since his graduation from postgraduate school in 2005. He got his position promotion from engineer, project manager, R&D director to vice president of the company, Mr. Cai told the graduates with his own growth experience: firstly, one should be down-to-earth while making a big dream and do a good job every day; secondly, one should be able to bear the grievance; thirdly, one should have the courage to explore the future and unknown fields.


Liu Zheng, deputy general manager of the company, focused on the great and positive impact of 5G on social development and the business of GrenTech RF, shared his experience in leading the Ericsson team to create the miraculous growth for 8 years, encouraged all to work harder so as to be more excellent than others and encouraged all to work practically on the platform of GrenTech RF. As long as we were down-to-earth and utilized our talents, we would surely be able to achieve our ideals and add splendor to our life!
The new employees stood out from numerous graduates and postgraduates after campus career, multiple rounds of interviews and written examinations and joined GrenTech RF. At the meeting, the fresh graduates actively introduced themselves, talked about the feelings and ideological changes from campus students to employees of the company and personal development plan for the next two years and shared the most interesting and unforgettable things at universities. From their sharing, we could see that their extraordinary conversation and self-confidence were shining. The company recruited them to further strengthen its talent team.
Next, the company will carry out one-week induction training for new employees. It has offered a high-level and high-standard lecturer team for the training: three deputy general managers, product line managers, head of Amoeba as a new R&D product, office director of the company, human resources and property managers will introduce and share the company’s business, products, new technology, culture of GrenTech RF, quality management, human resources, property services, business etiquettes and information security knowledge, and the company will hire senior lecturers to teach “team win-win workshop”. In the process of experiential learning with strong participation, the awareness and value of “team win-win” will be deeply rooted in the hearts of new employees, making them deeply understand the strength of the team and how to better integrate the win-win thinking into the team and achieve effective communication, value contribution, goals and self-development in the team.
The newly employed graduates and postgraduates are innovative, adventurous and aggressive. As President Yu said at the end of her speech, “When I see them, I will think of “the light is so bright as the sun is rising. When the river flows from an underground stream, it will flow in a great current.” They represent the future and hope of the company. There will be ample time, and the prospect is broad. It is believed that the joining of new employees will become an inexhaustible impetus for the development and expansion of the cause of GrenTech RF! At the same time, we hope that “the new employees of GrenTech RF” who come with their dreams will embark on a beautiful journey in GrenTech RF to realize their dreams!

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The meeting of new employees from fresh graduates in 2019
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