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Matters Needing Attention when SFP Module is Plugged and Unplugged and Its Application

Ⅰ. What are the precautions when plugging and unplugging SFP modules?

The SFP package of the SFP module is a hot-swappable small package. SFP is the abbreviation of Small Form-factor Pluggable, which can be simply understood as an upgraded version of GBIC.

At present, the highest rate can reach 10G, and there are many LC interfaces. The volume of the SFP module is reduced by half compared to the GBIC optical module, and the number of ports can be more than doubled on the same panel.

1. Turn up the pull ring of the SFP module vertically, hold the top buckle, hold the side of the SFP module with your hand and gently push it into the SFP slot until the SFP module is in close contact with the slot (you can feel the top and bottom of the SFP module). The shrapnel is stuck in the SFP slot).

2. Wear an anti-static wrist when installing/pulling out the SFP module.

3. Do not plug or unplug the SFP optical transceiver directly without good grounding measures, which may cause electrostatic breakdown of the SFP module or electronic components in the SFP slot, resulting in device damage.

4. Pull the pull ring of the SFP module to the horizontal position to release the fixed relationship between the shrapnel and the SFP slot. Forcibly pulling out the SFP module will damage the shrapnel or the buckle in the slot.

Ⅱ. Which devices are optical transceivers used in?

An optical module is an electronic component for photoelectric conversion. Simply put, the optical signal is converted into an electrical signal, and the electrical signal is converted into an optical signal, including a transmitting device, a receiving device and an electronic functional circuit.

According to the definition of optical modules, as long as there are optical signals, there will be applications of optical modules. So what are the application equipment and scope of optical modules?

1. Switch: The switch will use GBIC, 1*9, SFP, SFP+, XFP optical transceiver, etc.

2. Server: The server is generally used with the switch, which corresponds to the optical module used by the switch.

3. Optical transceiver: 1*9 and SFP modules are used.

4. Optical fiber routers: SFP modules are generally used.

5. Optical fiber network card: 1*9 optical transceiver, SFP module, SFP+ optical module, etc. are used.

6. Video optical transceivers: generally use 1*9 single-mode optical modules, and some high-definition optical transceivers also use SFP modules.

7. Optical fiber high-speed ball camera: using SFP module.

8. Base station: In the mobile communication system, the equipment that connects the fixed part and the wireless part, and is connected to the mobile station through wireless transmission in the air, adopts SFP and XFP optical modules.

9. Tunnel traffic monitoring adopts optical transceiver.

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Matters Needing Attention when SFP Module is Plugged and Unplugged and Its Application
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