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Grentech was listed in 2019 Shenzhen Top 100 Industry Leaders

After six months of the selection of the “2019 Shenzhen Top 100 Industry Leaders”, the results have been publicized through industry association recommendations, expert reviews, on-site inspections, and online popularity voting. We were on the list together with top companies such as China Ping An, Huawei, Tencent and China Merchants Bank, highlighting our leading position in the global communications radio frequency industry.

In the course of more than ten years of entrepreneurship and development, we have been committed to serving the country with the spirit of "creating a national brand and winning glory for the people", unswervingly taking the road of independent innovation, and creating in the industrialization practice of radiofrequency technology, to be the core technology of wireless communication. 

This remarkable achievement has made us be a leading company in the global communications radio frequency industry, a world-leading radio frequency technology developer and a core supplier of the global 5G industry chain. Relying on the strength accumulated over the years, GrenTech always maintains and develops its leading position in the industry in continuous innovation. 

GrenTech is the core supplier of base station radio frequency components for the world's four major communications equipment giants Ericsson, ZTE, and Nokia. We have a prominent position in global communications companies. In 2018, we won the Ericsson global supplier's tens of thousands of suppliers, and won the Ericsson Global Only Excellent Supplier Award; in 2017, we ranked No. One winner won the Nokia Global Supplier Quality Award, and we won the ZTE Global Best Partner Award for many consecutive years.

Grentech 2019 Shenzhen Top 100 Industry Leaders

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Grentech was listed in  2019 Shenzhen Top 100 Industry Leaders
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