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What Should I Pay Attention to when Purchasing SFP Modules?

SFP module is one of the important communication carriers used in optical communication, data center and other places. There are many kinds of modules in the market, of course, SFP module is no exception.

Many brands have all kinds of them, so how do we choose the SFP module that we are satisfied with? What should I pay attention to when purchasing SFP modules?

1. Determine the speed of the SFP module

The speed of SFP modules is divided into 155M, 622M, 1.25G, 2.125G, 4.25G, 8G, 10G, and currently 155M and 1.25G are widely used in the market.

2. Determine the distance transmitted by the SFP module

The transmission distance of the SFP module is 550m, 10km, 20KM, 40km, 80KM, 120KM, etc. You can choose the SFP module according to the actual situation.

3. Determine the limitations or requirements of the wavelength of the SFP module

Different SFP modules can meet different wavelength requirements. Generally, there is a label on the top, side or bottom of the SFP module, indicating the information of this SFP module, which is convenient for identifying and selecting the appropriate SFP module.

4. Determine the SFP module fiber interface

There are many types of interfaces of SFP modules, usually LC, SC, ST, FC and other optical fiber interface types, which can be used with different types of optical fibers.

5. Determine the fiber mode of the SFP module

The size of the single-mode fiber module is 9-10/125μm, and the single-mode optical transceiver is mostly used for long-distance transmission, sometimes reaching 150 to 200 kilometers. LD or LED with narrow spectral line is used as the light source, and the pull-ring or external color is blue, yellow or purple.

The size of the multimode fiber module is 50/125um or 62.5/125um, suitable for short-distance transmission, usually within 2KM, the pull-ring or external color is black.

6. Determine whether the SFP module interface is single-fiber or dual-fiber

The single-fiber interface is a single-mode single-fiber module, and the optical signal transmission and reception are transmitted through a single optical fiber.

7. Determine whether the SFP module is a wavelength division module

According to the transmission of two or several different wavelengths in the same fiber, it can be divided into coarse-wave splitting modules and dense-wave splitting modules. CWDM optical modules have 18 bands, from 1270nm to 1610nm, and the interval between each band is 20nm.

CWDM optical channel spacing is wider, CWDM optical modulation uses uncooled laser, electronic tuning, the number of multiplexed optical wavelengths on the same fiber is less than that of DWDM.

The channel spacing of the DWDM SFP module has different spacings such as 0.4nm, 0.8nm, and 1.6nm according to the needs. Its spacing is small, so additional wavelength control devices are required, and the cost will be higher.

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What Should I Pay Attention to when Purchasing SFP Modules?
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