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Reasons to Use AOC Active Optical Cable

In today's era of big data, people's demand for high speed and high bandwidth is increasing, and it is urgent to have a new type of product as the main transmission medium for high-performance computing and data centers, so active optical cables (AOC) in this kind of environment was born.

Active Optical Cables (AOC for short) are optical fiber cables with optical transceivers installed at both ends. The main components are divided into two parts: optical circuit and circuit.

As a main transmission medium for high-performance computers and data centers, active optical cables ensure the stability of transportation and flexibility of application, and are more common in high-density applications.

Ⅰ. The comparative advantage of AOC active optical cable and high-speed cable

1. The transmission power of AOC active optical cable on the system link is lower;

2. The volume is about half of that of copper cables, and the weight of AOC active optical cables is only a quarter of that of high-speed cables;

3. In the computer room wiring system, the AOC active optical cable has better air mobility and stronger heat dissipation;

4. The bending radius of AOC active optical cable is smaller than that of copper cable;

5. The transmission distance of AOC active optical cable is longer, which can reach 100-300 meters;

6. The bit error rate of the transmission performance of AOC active optical cable products is also better, and the BER can reach 10^-15.

Ⅱ. The difference between AOC active optical cable and optical module

1. The optical interface of the active optical cable is not exposed, that is, there is no problem of cleaning and pollution of the optical interface;

2. The AOC active optical cable system has higher stability and reliability;

3. AOC active optical cable makes the network system more convenient to manage and maintain;

4. AOC active optical cable greatly reduces operation and maintenance costs and improves efficiency.

Ⅲ. Why use Active Optical Cable (AOC)?

Active optical cables are used primarily because active optical cable assemblies were invented to replace copper technology in data center and high performance computing (HPC) applications.

As far as we know, passive copper cables are heavy and bulky, do not meet the high density requirements of data centers, and due to the nature of electrical signals, electromagnetic interference (EMI) limits copper performance and reliability.

However, AOC active optical cables break through the limitations of passive copper cables, and active optical cables play an important role in high-speed data transmission.

AOC active optical cable is more and more widely used in high-density data centers with the advantages of long transmission distance, fast transmission rate and convenient use.

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Reasons to Use AOC Active Optical Cable
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